Somewhere in the Middle


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Picture Lock

On behalf of the NYIFC, we would like to wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

It has been a couple of months since our last update and we have two great things we would like to share with you as we head into 2014. First, as of yesterday we have officially declared picture lock! What does that mean? That means that all of the editing is complete. Yes, complete. Done. Finito. We are happy and ready to move on to the next phase. 

 In the next few months we will be finishing up the musical score, color correction and the sound mix. The finish line is in sight and things have never looked better. We are all very excited with how the project has turned out and we are can't wait to show you a finished product.

Second, Chris Webber (former NBA player and member of the Fab 5 at the University of Michigan - GO BLUE!) and Peter Gilbert (Producer and Cinematographer of Hoop Dreams) found out about the project via Kickstarter and came through with the finishing funds that we needed to complete the project with top notch sound and color correction! So thank you. Yes, you. If it wasn't for your Kickstarter support, chances are we would not have gained the exposure and gotten the attention from Chris and Peter who are helping us bring the project to the next level.

We feel very blessed. Thank you and you'll be hearing from us in the new year.