Somewhere in the Middle


SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE Official Site. A new film by Lanre Olabisi.

New Trailer and Festival News!

Hello Everyone,

First, we would like to announce that we have updated the trailer!  It is a significant upgrade so please take a look at it here and let us know what you think.

Next, we will be premiering in New York at the end of the month.  We have been accepted into the Urbanworld Film Festival, so if you are in the city please make sure you come out and check out the film.  We will be sending screening times over the next couple of weeks, so make sure you look out for the updates.

We have also been accepted into the Tallgrass Film Festival in October.  We are competing for the Stubbornly Independent Award  for the best films under $750,000.  For those of you in Kansas come see us if you can.